1. everything is possible 0:57
2. whatcha waitin’ for 4:14
3. fundamental thang 6:23
4. alienated 0:55
5. contact 4:59
6. the western world 2:33
7. politics and religion 0:50
8. stick up 4:44
9. cop shop truck stop 5:45
10. can i get a ride 0:25
11. different route 3:05
12. funky baby 0:54
13. cowboy funk 6:21
14. the real thing 3:45
15. taos 2:22
16. history 1:23
17. cracker 5:01
18. soul power ‘99 2:47
19. thank you dj’s 1:12
20. all that scratchin’ 6:24

all songs © 1998, 1999 sticky pistil and VinylGrooves, Inc.

cd artwork and photos by Aristides - 505-737-0934

produced by mark hershiser

assistant production by sticky pistil

recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by mark hershiser and mike carón at VinylGrooves, Inc.

original drum, bass and rhythm guitar on tracks 2, 3, 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 17 recorded live by Omar Rane to da-38 and mixed down to a roland vs-880. all other recording, mixing and overdubs were done using the 6 track master mode of the roland vs-880. all mastering was done on the pc. VScopy™, available at www.polarsonic.com, was used to transfer final tracks from the vs to the pc.

Uzi - vocals, roland mc505 and mc303, sample and drum programming, acoustic guitar on 5 and 8, lead guitar solo on 9, bass and guitar on 1

Panick - acoustic, electric and lap steel guitars, vocals, mc505 on 16

Freakboy - bass, vocals

Emc - drums, percussion, bowed cymbals on 17 and 18, bass on 4 and 15, mc505 on 15

also featuring: christian "Kriture" mayer - saxaphone on 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 20, background vocals on 5

special guests: Michelle Hershiser - background vocals on 5 and 8
esther vanderplas - background vocals on 8
lauren "Baby-Q" hershiser - "daddy I’m hungry" on 8
marianne hershiser - "can i get a ride"
tim garver - percussion and background vocals on 5

sticky pistil would like to thank: Aristides Ruiz, marcus sanders and faster and louder productions for "the rant" and a lot more, brad hockmeyer and everyone at KTAO solar radio, stan metcalf and treasure island, Omar Rane, christian "Kriture" mayer, michael "the computer dude" bruce for keeping the pc alive. all the employees at tim’s chili connection, taos, nm.

special thanks and credits: james brown, chuck d. and public enemy, eric b. and rakim, malcolm mclaren, "scratchit" - dj frazeboogie at www.krashdummiez.com, karl "forest for the trees" stephenson, beck, the dust brothers, the beastie boys, rick rubin, brian eno and david byrne, curtis "superfly" mayfield, the ohio players, the staple singers, kool and the gang, cellclown at www.doghair.com , the royal macademias, divine and "lust in the dust" the movie, val kilmer, kurt russell and "tombstone" the movie, roland corp.

Mark "Uzi" Hershiser would like to thank my wife marianne, my "baby-Q" lauren, my sister michelle for the clothes and alot more, my parents and all my family and friends.

Shawn "Freakboy" Perry would like to thank my mom, my german shephard "only", flea, cory at thoroughbred music, the brand new heavies, p-funk, fishbone, scott spencer, 2 skinee j’s, spearhead, boxing ghandis, GK, hartke, all my icq chat buddies on the net, 790 robot head, mark andes for all the good support, esther vanderplas, jheyda, jerry bruner, tim garver, all the other guys in the band for putting up with my crazy ass. i did this at the very, very last minute so if i hurt anyone’s feelers, sorry and thank you.

Scott "Panick" Kesson would like to thank omar rane, joseph james, michelle hershiser for support and sound advice. harlan s. kesson and the firehawks for inspiration. my wife dani for putting up with my bullshit. marks wife marianne for putting up with all of our bullshit. martin prechtel (the big tree) for eloquence, shade and sharp teeth.

Mike "Emc" Carón would like to thank first and foremost my parents for encouraging my talents and tolerating my experiments. mark hershiser and family for the work and sleepovers making it infinately more possible to contribute to this project. gary and glen lyon and family for the place to stay while i invested the time. my sister sandy and family for hearing out the raw rehearsals while writing some of these songs.

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