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CD Cover

All artwork by Aristides

Great funky record. I'm a huge funk fan myself...
Derek Sivers - CD

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Hi-Fi Superfly includes a full four page color booklet with lyrics and credits to all the songs.

The artwork was done by NY artist, Aristides, his credits include illustrating the latest Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat" children's book, as well as drawing for Disney, Pepsi, Cinniburst, Sticky Pistil and more!

Hi-Fi Superfly includes 65 minutes of music, 20 songs, with Beastie Boys style interludes and intros between songs to keep it flowin and goin non-stop!

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

"Hi-Fi Superfly"
may be the funkiest album you buy this year!!

I hope you don't mind the comparison to The Chili Peppers - It sounds like their better days. Very good sound quality and arrangement. Good message. I give it a big thumbs up!.....Rob of BIG POO GENERATOR

Twenty years ago, Sticky Pistil would have been Yes. Ten years ago, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Today, Sticky Pistil stand alone. From rap to hip-hop to funk, "Hi-Fi Superfly" is a rollicking thrill ride of eclectic sounds. Grade A-.....
Doug Cornell

Cool shit.. Great groove.. sort of reminds me of Beck.. the rap style... calmglass

"Hi Fi Superfly" is certainly one of the most ambitious records I've heard in a long time. Its funk mixed with a hefty dose of sampling and DJ work.... Kevin Kreiner

wuddup?...this is the bassist from"FLUiD" i just gotta say that i heard your music and it blew me away....its tight...yall gots skillz...peace... FLUID

Sticky Pistil has released their first cd, entitled 'hi-fi superfly', the quotes from people that have either already purchased the cd or have heard their music range from "i think your music kicks a**" to "too damned funky fo anybodys good." There music is quite different. It is well worth checking out.....

I listened to your stuff. Im pretty sure i hear samples, but its so f**king well done its REALLY HARD to tell? i mean the music just flows so perfectly.. tension and release..some of these songs sound [like] they've taken 100 hours to mix.. maybe more.. serious stuff man!! ..... JAY STILE

Sticky Pistil. They are awesome! Expect to hear their songs on your local radio station soon. Comments on their CD range simply from "Your music f*cking kicks ass" to "That is the phunkiest sh*t since WhiteCastle bathrooms". This is a must get, do not miss it!!
Get the CD.....

You guys are the funkiest band I have ever heard.....
[email protected]

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Everything is Possible
Whatcha Waitin For
Fundamental Thang
Western World
Stick up
Cop shop Truck stop
Different Route
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1999 VinylGrooves and StickyPistil
Cowboy Funk
The Real Thing
Soulpower '99
Thank You DJ's
All That Scratchin'
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Sticky Pistil's debut CD "hi-fi superfly" has recently been released and it looks like the band might have a hit record on their hands. The bands ability to integrate a kind of nostalgic "get down funky" psychedelic sound with cutting edge hip hop lyrics and beats and end up with a great rock and roll record will definately get "hi-fi superfly" a place on the charts. Critics and fans alike have expressed their opinions of the bands music with FANatic enthusiasm and comparisons to Beck, the Chili Peppers and P-Funk should be enough to make you want to dance down to your local CD store and check em out.....Off The Ground

All these songs are from Sticky Pistil's "Hi-Fi Superfly" CD

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